ADT and Agero: Peace of Mind Away From Home


ADT has been a safety and security leader for 147 years and believes that everyone deserves to feel safe. Known best for its home security services, ADT has expanded security beyond the home and now provides ways to help keep its customers safe when they’re on the go.

In the latest episode of our 511 podcast, we sat down with Leah Page, VP of Mobile Security & Strategic Partnerships at ADT, to discuss how ADT helps protect people on-the-go with its new mobile safety app, SoSecure by ADT. We also touched upon how Agero’s roadside assistance and Crash Detection Response provides SoSecure users with additional tools to help keep them safe and covered while on the road.

Protection You Can Trust, On-The-Go

SoSecure was launched in March 2020 and is the most comprehensive mobile safety app on the market. The safety app, available for free download on iOS and Android, has more options for users to call for help than any other app, including sliding a button, SMS chat, video, or hands-free with a secret phrase or voice command.

“You’re somewhere on the road, outside of your home, and you may need help. That commonality really drove us to think about mobile outside of the home in a very different way. And that’s why we decided we were going to create a new platform that helps to solve and answer some of these new situational things outside of the home.”


Providing a sense of security and safety can help to put your mind at ease, reducing stress and improving your overall mental well-being.

Reassurance Right In Your Pocket

Not every situation is an emergency, but there are many times when having a lifeline to call can help you get out of an uncomfortable situation. Whether its feeling unsafe on a date, going for a nighttime jog, or needing to make sure your family is safe on the road, it’s helpful to have a safety tool in your pocket. And in addition, SoSecure comes backed by the most trusted name in security, ADT, along with access to the company’s professionally trained monitoring agents who can help get you the support you need.

“As we thought about how we wanted to create SoSecure, we wanted to have users be able to get in touch with monitoring agents and get them to help they need – that was the most important thing.”

ADT recognized Agero’s experience and innovation in the roadside space and began implementing Crash Detection Response into SoSecure, along with support provided by our Roadside Assistance program. When considering that, on average, one accident occurs every 60 seconds in the U.S., the need for an effective roadside support offering makes sense for safety-on-the-go products. Coupled with the customer feedback requesting auto-based features on the app, integrating Agero with SoSecure was a logical evolution to provide protection wherever you go.


Delivering on the mission “that everyone deserves to be safe” is what helped motivate ADT to extend its leading safety and security services to people on-the-go through SoSecure. It’s a service you hope to never need, but are happy to have if you do, giving you that extra sense of security to go about your day with the confidence that the leader in security has your back.

To learn more about SoSecure and all the safety services it offers, be sure to check out our podcast. At Agero, we’re thrilled to be able to support such an important service to help keep you and your family safe!


Meet the Author: Steve Moretti - VP, Consumer Engagement Marketing

As VP of Consumer Engagement Marketing, Steve oversees multiple initiatives at Agero including motor club programs, driver benefits, on demand experiences, and working closely with many of our strategic clients. As a veteran of the online automotive industry, Steve has spent 20+ years in strategy, marketing, and business development roles helping grow the consumer and partnership initiatives of Chase, Capital One,, Kelley Blue Book, TrueCar, and RepairPal. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration (major in Operations and minor in Economics), and a M.B.A. (concentration in Finance) from the University of Delaware.


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