Getaround & Agero: A new model for mobility needs a new model for roadside

Getaround is on a mission to empower people to carshare everywhere and improve cities by changing the way cars are used. Through safe, reliable carsharing, they see an opportunity to reduce the cost of ownership. This innovative approach is powered by the Getaround Connect® and Getaround mobile app which enables renters to find, book and unlock cars right from their phone in 150 U.S. cities while giving owners confidence that their cars will be taken care of during a trip. Getaround continues to grow. They just announced their Series E funding with over a billion miles driven. With more than 6 million users and about 20,000 connected cars, Getaround has learned that changing the way consumers use cars creates both opportunities and new challenges.

Carsharing services like Getaround depend on two distinctly different customers, owners of vehicles who share them on the platform and renters of these vehicles. Both of these customers are critical for Getaround and their experiences need to be seamless. This is even more critical when it comes to the inconvenience of roadside.

When a problem occurs with a vehicle during a trip, Getaround dispatches a request for the roadside event, facilitates a repair if needed and returns the vehicle to its designated home location. To coordinate this, the Getaround team leverages their own proprietary technology and Agero Roadside Powered by Swoop. The request can be initiated by the renter, the owner or through a help desk agent who can monitor the vehicle using data from Getaround Connect®. Once the request is received, Getaround can empower the service providers to service or tow a vehicle without requiring either the renter or the owner to wait around. This is all coordinated without any intervention from the owner as all of Getaround’s vehicles in the U.S. support keyless entry, saving customers time and reducing frustration.


In 2019, the Getaround team selected Agero for its superior service and responsive network to support their customers and assets. Agero Roadside is powered by Swoop technology which allows for digital dispatch and tracking, enabling the transparent experience Getaround needed. In the first year of the partnership, Getaround’s roadside needs grew by 5x and Agero was able to easily handle this growth in volume. As Getaround continues to scale across the U.S. as the leading connected carsharing service, Agero expansive network, with providers covering every zip code, will be with them every step of the way.

Sylvano Carrasco, VP Connected Car - Getaround shared, “Our industry is moving fast, and to deliver on our promise to our customers, we needed a roadside partner that was just as nimble, mobile-forward and focused on the service experience as we are. We are also growing quickly and needed a partner who could scale with us. We knew right away that Agero was the right fit for our business and approached the team directly to help us evolve our existing program.” 


In addition to its carshare offering, Getaround provides shared vehicles for rideshare and gig services. Both carshare and rideshare change how customers use and own vehicles. However, changing the way customers use cars also changes the way they use roadside. Many Getaround roadside requests were actually requests to tow vehicles to a different location, rather than a maintenance or mechanical issue. Even though these transport requests are a bit different than a typical roadside service, they are easily processed with the same high service level by Agero.


Through our service provider network, call center support and our software solutions we can ensure that with new mobility models like carsharing, we can get both the cars and the passengers back on the road, enjoying the ride.


Meet the Author: Sarah Draxton - Client Services Manager

Sarah Draxton is a Client Success Manager based out of the San Francisco office. Sarah joined the team in 2018 and learned the business from the ground up, working in a range of functions including network operations and tow software sales prior to joining the client services team. She works primarily with Agero’s fleet clients. A California native, Sarah knows wine country well, particularly her family’s vineyard, but also enjoys camping and exploring US National Parks whenever given the chance. Sarah hold a BS in Economics from Santa Clara University.


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