Agero Delivers New End-to-End Digital Platform to Dramatically Streamline And Improve Accident Claims Management for Insurers


New capabilities, integrations with claims management vendor ecosystem saves insurers time and money, and reduces insureds’ frustration, across tens of thousands of annual accident tows

MEDFORD, Mass. – April 15, 2020  Agero, a market leader in software-enabled driver assistance services for insurance providers and automotive manufacturers, has re-platformed its industry-leading Accident Management product. The new platform is easier to use, has greater security and transparency, and provides time and cost savings for insurers as well as an improved experience for consumers. Featuring enhanced web portal capabilities, new open APIs and additional services, Agero now offers the most comprehensive and digital end-to-end product enabling a more integrated accident claims management and vehicle release process.

“As insurers work to eliminate every last inefficiency from the accident claims process and deliver a better customer experience, the ability to improve accident dispatch, reporting and management while saving valuable call-center time is a huge win,” said Mubbin Rabbani, Senior Director of Product Management, Agero. “We’re working with insurers that project saving hundreds of thousands of contact center minutes and millions of dollars in annual claims costs, collectively, thanks to our digital platform. Combining this digital-first strategy with Agero’s national coverage and ability to simplify and speed vehicle storage release provides insurers with a powerful opportunity to significantly impact auto claims losses and deliver customer resolutions in days rather than weeks.”

More efficient, more seamless, more digital

Agero’s platform provides insurers with a number of accident management benefits:

  • Cloud-based, digital-first design: The updated platform’s end-to-end digital design fully supports insurers that are moving to a digital-first strategy, with functionality such as multifactor authentication, single sign-on, GPS customer vehicle tracking, and publish/subscribe status notification. The platform also supports SMS messaging for customer communication and alternative transportation options for insurers subscribed to Agero’s Lyft partnership program.
  • Fast digital deployment: An enhanced digital portal and dashboard allows insurers to pilot digital transactions before committing to integration with existing claims management systems. Moreover, departments in larger organizations – such as subrogation – that need accident claims records but do not have internal claims system access permissions can immediately deploy and begin using the new system.
  • Tight integration: A JSON RESTful Tow Request API allows for tight integration with an insurers’ existing ecosystem of claims vendors and platforms, including the widely-used Guidewire policy and management software. This means claims professionals can stay within their own environment to initiate the digital workflow, eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing the need for lengthy phone calls with contact center agents, creating a potential savings of up to 24 call center minutes per claims case.
  • Crash notification: Quick emergency dispatch and rapid FNOL are an increasing focus for insurers. The platform’s new Crash Detection API allows for the rapid intake of accident notification and crash information directly from the insurers’ mobile, in-vehicle or other telematics system, enabling Agero to quickly launch response services. Recent Agero research has found that on-scene FNOL can deliver a potential $500-$800 in claims cost reduction.
  • Vehicle handling and storage expertise: Dedicated Agero agents armed with robust data from over a decade of accident management experience identify opportunities to negotiate and decrease vehicle storage fees by: reducing checkpoint and approval calls, conducting cost-trend analysis, handling payments directly with the storage yard and managing tow-out service.
  • Robust coverage: Because it comes from Agero, insurers will benefit from the company’s best in class national tow operator network equipped and experienced in handling the complexity of securing a non-drivable vehicle from the accident scene.

Creating impact today

As part of today’s news, Agero also announced its partnership and API integration with smartphone-based driving data platform TrueMotion. The company uses machine learning to transform smartphone sensor data into valuable driving behavior insights. Beyond detecting driving behaviors like hard braking and distraction, these insights include robust crash data such as location, time, speed and direction of impact, airbag deployment, and more.

With TrueMotion’s integration into the new Crash Detection API, Agero Accident Management insurance clients who use TrueMotion’s CrashAssist™ product can have accident response automatically engaged and event information rapidly imported into the Agero Accident Management portal or client claim system. This dramatically improves the FNOL experience, shortens the time it takes to deliver assistance to the affected driver, and can save insurers hundreds of dollars in claims costs.

In addition, motorists using TrueMotion’s new consumer smartphone app, Openroad, also benefit from Agero’s Accident Management capabilities – in the case of a car accident. The Openroad app detects car crashes, makes an automated call to the driver, and if they don’t respond, automatically alerts Agero responders, who can deploy accident assistance as needed.

“Our company mission is to make driving safer and more affordable. Crash detection and accident support is a huge focus area for us,” said Rafi Finegold, VP Product, Growth, TrueMotion. “Integrating with Agero’s new Crash Detection API and leveraging their services for Openroad made perfect sense. We have a similar focus and similar commitment to helping people – and helping our clients – when they need us most. We’re incredibly excited to work together.”

“Agero continues to lead the industry in embracing digital solutions for roadside and accident management,” noted Steve Medeiros, VP Client Services and Accident Management Business Lead. “From our rollout of AI-powered services to improve driver assistance, to this new digital-first platform for accident response and coordination, we are committed to delivering the scale and experience needed to help insurers speed service delivery, streamline operations and improve responsiveness across millions of driver interactions every year.”

For more information on the new Agero Accident Management platform, please visit: Additional details on Agero Roadside Managed Services can be obtained here; a sales representative can be contacted here.

About Agero
Agero’s mission is to safeguard consumers on the road through a unique combination of platform intelligence and human powered solutions, strengthening our clients’ relationships with their drivers. We are a leading provider of driving solutions, including roadside assistance, accident management, consumer affairs and telematics. The company protects 115 million vehicles in partnership with leading automobile manufacturers, insurance carriers and other diversified clients. Managing one of the largest national networks of service providers, Agero responds to more than 12 million requests annually for assistance. Agero, a member company of The Cross Country Group, is headquartered in Medford, Mass., with operations throughout North America. To learn more, visit and follow on Twitter @AgeroNews.

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