Agero's New Software-as-a-Service Platform Brings Powerful, Intuitive and Efficient Roadside Assistance Management to Motor Clubs Worldwide

Transparent, vertically-integrated capabilities to transform legacy road and tow services and improve the customer experience at global scale

MEDFORD, Mass. – Oct. 2, 2019 – Agero, Inc., a leading B2B2C provider of driver assistance services and software, today introduced Swoop Dispatch Management, the complete software toolkit motor clubs need to transform their roadside programs worldwide. This cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) enables global motor clubs and fleet managers to improve operational efficiency while delivering the most compelling and easy-to-use experience for their customers, clients, dealers, providers and partners at scale.

Built as a single flexible and configurable platform able to support multiple business models and suitable for multi-tenant client management, Swoop Dispatch Management streamlines all aspects of roadside event administration with real-time, 100% transparent, and fully digital capabilities.

“For 47 years, Agero has been a leader in delivering B2B2C roadside assistance in the United States. With the introduction of Swoop Dispatch Management software, Agero is not only delivering a best-in-class end-to-end roadside management platform but also the know-how and experience from running 12 million events per year,” says Jeff Blecher, Chief Strategy Officer, Agero. “The deployment of one of the most advanced and intuitive SaaS platforms in the industry, developed by teams from the top innovation hubs in the U.S., is a major step forward in the journey towards enabling world-class roadside assistance experiences for everyone, everywhere.”

Powering roadside for the digital era

The automotive industry is undergoing a dramatic evolution as new auto technologies and mobility models emerge. Changing consumer behaviors and preferences are impacting the way auto manufacturers, insurers, dealers, repairers and more interact with their customers. As expectations increase, roadside programs serve as a key engagement lever to drive greater satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, these companies are looking for roadside partners that can provide more integrated and powerful solutions that deliver real-time event visibility, consistent reporting across geographies, and a high quality service experience globally. Swoop Dispatch Management supports motor clubs and fleets as they solve for these shifting market demands.

Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, the platform’s unified data model and consistent, intuitive user interface make it easy for motor clubs and fleets to seamlessly connect with everyone in the roadside value chain across every step of the service journey. As a cloud solution, Swoop Dispatch Management works with existing contact center functions and service provider network operations to deliver key features including:

  • Customizable Intake Processes: Omnichannel options support program specific needs with regard to intake channel, coverage verification, and brand experience.
  • Advanced Matching Algorithms: Sophisticated service provider selection capabilities evaluate massive amounts of provider data to select a best-fit match based on client preferences and business logic.
  • Job Progress Monitoring: Dashboards with an intuitive mapping design to see all events and hotspots are built with watchdog functionality to manage the customer experience.
  • Tow Software: Web-based and mobile software specifically for service providers automates workflows.
  • Robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): Configurable APIs are easy to use and enable powerful connections to third-party and client software applications, including dispatching platforms, billing systems, claims handing and invoicing.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Program insights and performance dashboards with all details of the case, including customer feedback and net promoter score (NPS), are generated automatically.

These capabilities enable motor clubs and fleets to reduce operating cost, enhance service delivery and increase consumer satisfaction, resulting in higher NPS, customer loyalty and retention, as evidenced with client programs that have had early access to Swoop.

Transforming operations globally

Rigorously tested and proven with Agero’s own highly-regulated insurance and OEM partners in the U.S., Swoop Dispatch Management includes multi-language localization and the enterprise-grade security operations, standards compliance, and privacy regulation adherence, including GDPR, needed by the largest national and international brands.

One such organization is the General German Automobile Club (ADAC), the largest automobile club in Europe, which is currently testing Swoop Dispatch Management in its B2B roadside assistance operations. ADAC selected Swoop for its pilot project after conducting an extensive side-by-side benchmark with other roadside software vendors and custom solution providers, during which Swoop best met ADAC’s evolving needs for a vertically integrated, flexible, reliable and scalable platform that was straight forward to deploy and intuitive.

“Roadside assistance on behalf of our B2B customers is our core competence. Millions of motorists each year trust us to help them on the side of the road. By testing Swoop Dispatch Management, we aim to introduce the next level of digitalization to our systems,” said Ludger Kersting, Managing Director, ADAC Service GmbH. “We considered several technologies to help us transform. Swoop not only combined transparency and a fully digital experience to meet the expectations of the market, but was the only platform that could fulfill our operational requirements at scale while also being easiest to use. We could not be more thrilled to be working with a partner like Agero, a pioneer in the U.S. market, to meet our customers’ future needs.”

“ADAC is one of the global leaders in delivering roadside assistance to consumers and businesses. Their decision to choose Swoop Dispatch Management is a validation of our belief in the opportunity to transform roadside with best-in-class software platform globally,” said Blecher. “Swoop, built in our San Francisco office, allows us to drive innovation that companies like ADAC will benefit from for years to come.”

For more information on Swoop Dispatch Management Software, please visit or contact a representative.

About Agero
Agero’s mission is to safeguard consumers on the road through a unique combination of platform intelligence and human powered solutions, strengthening our clients’ relationships with their drivers. We are a leading provider of driving solutions, including roadside assistance, accident management, consumer affairs and telematics. The company protects 115 million vehicles in partnership with leading automobile manufacturers, insurance carriers and other diversified clients. Managing one of the largest national networks of service providers, Agero responds to more than 12 million requests annually for assistance. Agero, a member company of The Cross Country Group, is headquartered in Medford, Mass., with operations throughout North America. To learn more, visit and follow on Twitter @AgeroNews.

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