Agero's Predictive Analytics Sets New Standards for Anticipating and Understanding Drivers' Needs for Roadside Assistance

Medford, Mass., November 18, 2014  Agero, Inc., a leading provider of roadside assistance and vehicle and driver safety, today introduced a major enhancement to its predictive analytics and roadside services in anticipation of high call volume for assistance across the nation this winter. Leveraging historical weather statistics and data accumulated from the 8 million roadside events the company responds to annually, Agero’s enhanced predictive analytics can more accurately forecast weather circumstances anywhere in the U.S. that will impact driving conditions. Agero uses this information to proactively prepare for inclement driving conditions and respond faster to customer requests for assistance.

Agero’s predictive analytics enable the company to be more agile in supporting its customers by anticipating the weather conditions in their area. For example, storms or changes in weather patterns have different effects in different regions of the country. An ice storm in Atlanta has a very different impact on driving conditions and roadside assistance needs than a five inch snow storm in Boston. This intelligence allows Agero to tune its services to match the situation. Furthermore, when a customer needs roadside assistance, Agero has the ability to push status notifications to the driver’s phone, including a profile and arrival time of the dispatched tow truck.

“Last winter’s Polar Vortex demonstrated how U.S. cities and roadways can come to a standstill as a result of these storms,” said Bryan Sander, Agero’s SVP of Operations. “During the heaviest days of service requests last winter, our call volume increased by 200 percent. Based on this experience we have enhanced our service to better accommodate these conditions and even worse.”

The analytics tool is based on an algorithm that helps to predict dispatch volume more accurately than ever before. This predictive reporting capability provides Agero with an estimated call volume on any given day so the company can ensure its contact centers are sufficiently staffed to handle the increase in service requests during severe weather incidents. The algorithm also prioritizes staffing between contact centers based on the weather conditions at each site.

The enhanced service also includes a mobile optimized website that drivers can access through their cell phones, tablets or desktops, enabling customers to submit a service request at their convenience.  In addition to providing an expected wait time, this solution also reduces the overall hold times by freeing up phone lines and allowing contact center operators to more quickly dispatch assistance to stranded drivers.

“Being stuck in these storms is horrible. Drivers want to know, when they make that call for help, someone will respond quickly and get them the assistance they need. So we’ve taken the data from last winter’s extreme conditions and integrated that into our predictive analytics tool to help us quickly understand how storms will likely affect our customers and ensure that the roadside assistance provider is there as quickly as possible,” added Sander.

External communication will remain a focus for Agero throughout the winter. The company maintains continual contact with its network of over than 30,000 service providers to guarantee their preparedness, in addition to frequent client communications keeping all apprised of what is happening in real time. These are just a few of the steps Agero has taken to ensure preparedness for the upcoming winter months, and will continue to maximize their efforts in keeping drivers safe.

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With over 40 years of experience, Agero is a leading provider of vehicle and driver safety, security and information services, including roadside assistance, consumer affairs and claims management services.  The company protects over 75 million vehicle owners in partnership with leading automobile manufacturers, insurance carriers and others. Managing a nationwide network of more than 30,000 service providers responding to more than 8 million requests annually for emergency assistance, Agero leverages advances in technology and information services to accelerate and enhance response to drivers' needs while strengthening customer loyalty and process efficiencies. Agero, a member company of The Cross Country Group, is headquartered in Medford, Mass., with operations throughout North America. To learn more, visit



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