In an Accident, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This post was a collaboration between Petya Tomova - Associate Product Manager & Candy Boschard - Senior Product Manager

While managing an accident scene, an early response digital solution can help reduce cycle time and claims costs. A critical component of this process is ensuring seamless communication on the condition of the vehicle. Accurate assessment of the vehicle condition at the scene of the accident and even at the tow destination can help streamline appraisal and claims adjudication. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” certainly applies to accident scene management. The most effective way to quickly and easily capture vehicle condition is with digital photos.

Today, more than 85% of digital photos were captured by cell phones. These photos can be leveraged to build transparency, accountability, and protection for everyone involved in the accident event - when combined with the right tools for capturing, cataloguing and sharing. Pictures taken at the scene of an accident can be instrumental in reducing the cycle time of an auto claim by identifying damages at an early stage and determining whether a vehicle is sent to a repair facility or a salvage vendor. These photos can also expedite the appraisal process and contribute to selecting the right collision repair facility, ultimately improving the customer experience. 

Capturing Photos

When service providers accurate capture the condition of the car at the scene of the accident, it creates a clear, time-stamped record of the vehicle's condition. Images can be used to drive claims decision making, and can also enable touchless claims handling.

  • Using Agero’s Accident Scene Management capability, the vehicle can be documented at the accident scene, avoiding downstream storage costs. Typically, vehicles will be sent to a collision repair shop, but if the photos indicate a total loss, Agero can re-route the vehicle to a salvage yard.
  • Photos can be channeled to a claims organization’s Method of Inspection (MoI) - be it a desk appraisal, follow-up field inspection, or even AI damage inspection models.
  • In the event of a fraudulent damage claim, these photos enable a quick and clear resolution. Arrival photos at the tow location can be used to confirm receipt as well as condition.

Agero executes on this opportunity by working with claims organizations to create the appropriate process and technical orchestration.


We have taken steps to ensure that Agero providers have the tools they need to easily and effectively capture pictures. This capability is available through Swoop's Tow Software, but additionally, we've teamed up with another industry leader, Towbook, to capture these pictures through their platform as well.


Viewing Photos

We also recently upgraded our Accident Management Dashboard so that damage photos can be easily uploaded and viewed. Multiple photos can be added and viewed through the image gallery, including all photos captured by the service provider. 


At Agero, our focus is building the tools and human power to help get consumers back on their way as seamlessly as possible.  We're excited to continue enhancing our photo capabilities within accident management and with our technology partners - stay in the loop on the latest enhancements with our blog to learn about them as they are released.



Meet the Author: Petya Tomova - Associate Product Manager

Petya Tomova is an instrumental member of the Agero Accident Management organization. As an Associate Product Manager, she oversees the design and implementation of new features and functions to drive process automation and efficiency for Agero’s clients and Operations team. During her time at Agero, she has also worked on the Network team, giving her a deep understanding of the service provider and customer journey. Outside the world of Product, Petya is a Bulgarian-born, Boston-raised gal who spent a year teaching English in Spain, including a stint living in Sydney. While her Australian accent is lackluster at best, her passion for travel is quite strong.


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