Interviewing with Agero 101

So you received the call and your interview with Agero is scheduled - great! Now what? Our commitment to you, regardless of level and role, is putting you in a position to succeed in your interview. We'll make sure you have job descriptions and pre-interview prep materials in advance, that your questions have been answered and that each interviewer is excited, respectful, and engaged in their interactions with you. The Agero recruiting team's goal is to create a forum by which you and the interviewer(s) can determine whether this role and Agero is the right fit. While preparing for your interview, there are a few actions you take in advance :


Interviewing with Agero: Tips for Success

  • Do your homework: Ahead of your interviews, make sure you have reviewed, familiarizing yourself with our products, news updates, and various thought leadership pieces. Although you are unlikely to be quizzed on the products themselves, knowledge of them is always helpful context when considering various outcomes and goals associated with the role. Pro Tip: take a look at Agero's values. Do they resonate? Are you ready to model them as an employee?

  • Research Agero: What is it about Agero and the opportunity that drew you to apply? What do you know about us? Why did you apply for this position? Why do you want to work for us?

  • Know Your Audience: You'll receive the names of the people you'll be interviewing with ahead of time - research them on LinkedIn, take a look at their background. Any commonalities? Questions? Come prepared to engage with your interviewers.

  • Know your resume and come prepared to speak to your achievements: You're unique and you have unique experiences, so come prepared to share them! Your biggest win? Proudest accomplishment? Most challenging project? A customer experience you provided that you're most proud of? Be ready to share details of what went well and what – if you could take something back – you might do differently and why.

  • Understand key outcomes and expectations for the role: Each Agero role comes with skills, experiences, and other requirements, but also outcomes. These outcomes detail – outside of experience - what you'll be expected to deliver near- and long-term in your role. Have you done something similar? Can you draw a connection to another project you've worked on? Be ready to share your experiences and lessons learned. Remember, we're learning from you, too.

  • Transparency is key… for everyone: Interviewing is about matchmaking and the best way to match make is to be honest about one’s position. Concerns about the role? Concerns about the manager or company? Be thoughtful in doing so but share, communicate, and engage. Expect your recruiters to be transparent with you, as well. Anything from questions about your background, feedback post-interview, etc. Keep an open mind - our intent is helping you to succeed.

  • Dress for success: whether you are participating in an in-person interview or a video interview, how you present yourself can signal to the interviewing company the seriousness with which you are taking the interview. Agero isn’t a suit and tie company, but we’re not a shorts and flip flops company either, so keep this in mind. Your first impression matters.

  • Ensure your technology is ready to go: Video interviews are a bit different than being in the office. You should be comfortable and in a quiet location. Before your interview, make sure you are able to access Zoom, your laptop is charged, and your microphone and camera both work. If you have any questions regarding Zoom, click here for helpful resources.

  • Ask questions: Although we try to be thorough in explaining what we do, there may be things we haven’t covered. We’re here to make sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision on your next career. Take advantage of the dedicated time you have with your interviewer.

Our last piece of advice is most important: relax, be confident, and have fun. Our approach to interviewing is conversational (not confrontational) with a focus on behavioral interviewing, so come prepared to talk about what you know best: you.


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Concerns and Feedback: Feedback is a gift and we love to hear it – good or bad. Within 48 hours you'll receive a feedback survey from Greenhouse Recruiting asking for your input. It’s confidential and hugely helpful in our efforts to continue to improve the experience we provide so thank you in advance. We look forward to seeing you!



Meet the Author: David Muller - VP, Talent Acquisition

David Muller Head of Talent Acquisition Dave is responsible for delivering best-in-breed talent in support of Agero’s digitalization. In this role, he is responsible for building and executing talent strategies, and for advocating for Agero as an emerging Best Place to Work. Prior to joining Agero, Dave held a variety of talent roles in the Boston area. He served as Head of Talent Acquisition and Employee Integration for dataxu, a VC backed AdTech firm, where he was responsible for global recruiting. Prior to dataxu, he served as Head of Global Talent for Rapid7, a publicly traded security data and analytics firm based in Boston. During his tenure at both firms, they were awarded numerous Best Place to Work awards. Dave spent the first 13 years of his career at Fidelity Investments, where he held a wide variety of business, recruiting and leadership roles in Boston, Dallas, and New York City. He is a graduate of Brandeis University.


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