Product Update: Agero Dashboard

Agero Dashboard provides access to complete visibility and rich reporting for your roadside events. With this tool, you and your team can review case details, stats, customer feedback, and live maps.  This empowers you to analyze how your customers are using roadside in real-time, so you can truly leverage the power of roadside as a loyalty building tool.

LIVE CASE Dashboard

View a map of in-progress events with real-time analysis of event trends, outliers and key metrics reporting, including survey feedback.


Customizable reports include real-time data access, analysis by location and frequency, customer satisfaction scores, intake channel analysis and more. Easily drill down into the data to find the insights that you need.


Access full case details in an easy-to-read summary which includes maps, customer feedback, intake channel, and case notes.
Sophisticated filters and a clickable map put all of the analysis you need at your fingertips.


Additional features and updates:

Channel View

Service request channel can have a significant impact on the consumer experience. In fact, in a recent analysis, we found that consumers who leverage digital channels are less likely to rate the experience negatively compared to consumers who make a request through a phone call. Agero Dashboard enables visibility and reporting on this critical attribute. Based on this information, you can partner with your customer experience team and Agero to encourage consumers to a digital experience.


Your Data, Your Way

When you are faced with questions about your roadside business, you need easy to use tools to view and parse data. The reporting tools on Agero Dashboard have filters so that you can view your data, your way. We’ve also added a heat map view so that you can easily see the hot spots for cases across the US or Canada.

What state had the most roadside events in February?


How does the NPS for tow events compare to the NPS for winch events?


Live Case View

In the Live Case Dashboard, you can now distinguish active cases, marked in green, from recently completed cases, which are shown in grey.


Additional Enhancements

We all know that sometimes it’s the little things that just make everything run a bit more smoothly. We are always on the lookout for these types of items and appreciate your comments and feedback on the big and small! Here are a few of the smaller updates that we have been implemented based on your feedback:

  • Related Cases: To get a full view of a consumer, it can be helpful to see all related cases. We recently enhanced this view so that the cases are displayed in ascending order.
  • Coded Area: When weather conditions are severe, it can be challenging to provide roadside service and ETAs can be longer than expected. During these time periods, an area is coded based on the severity. Later when data is being reviewed or questions come up, it is important to be able to easily see which events occurred in coded areas. We recently started tagging events in Agero Dashboard so that this information is at your fingertips.
  • Where’s my receipt? Based on your requests, we recently enhanced the customer receipts. Now, in the event that a customer pays for an overage to Agero, a receipt of the transaction is available for download directly from their case in Agero Dashboard.

We are thrilled to share these updates with you. Stay tuned for more to come as we continue to make this an even more powerful tool.


Meet the Author: Swathi Shenoy - Senior Product Owner

Swathi Shenoy is an instrumental member of Agero’s product organization. As the Senior Product Owner – Systems Analyst, she partners with the technology teams and other key stakeholders to provide elevated customer and client experiences. She brings key insights to this role from her extensive experience as a business analyst at Agero. Prior to Agero, she held both technical and business roles at Tech Mahindra. Swathi is particularly passionate about data driven products. She holds a BE in Electronics and Communication from the University of Visweswaraya.

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