Roadside and Fleets with Fleet Response

Every year there are more than 70 million roadside events in the U.S. A recent analysis of the economic impact of roadside found that more than 260 million work hours are lost due to roadside events. For fleet businesses, roadside events impact both productivity and revenue, preventing the completion of revenue generating services. These businesses depend on third party administrators to help manage all aspects of the roadside and claims process, controlling cost and cycle time.

A leader in this space is Fleet Response. Fleet Response, established in 1986, offers claims, safety and compliance solutions.  They support fleets from 5 to 25,000 vehicles with accident management, preventative maintenance and safety programs. Their success is driven by their commitment to provide innovative and effective service to clients and maintain a high standard of professionalism and partnership in an environmental that fosters opportunity, integrity and excellence. The company has grown to more than 180 employees with more than $170 Million in revenue and has been recognized for their leadership and culture by Insurance CIO, Ohio Business Magazine Top Workplace, Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Fleet Response adopted Swoop Dispatch Management in 2017 in order to provide transparency and visibility to their fleet clients for these critical services.

Fleet Response leverages their Fleet Response Mobile app in order to provide their customers with a seamless experience. Drivers can file a claim directly from the app and the events are processed through Swoop Dispatch to service providers.  Given the specialized nature of Fleet’s business, they funnel requests through their own contact center, while leveraging Agero service provider network. Swoop Dispatch Management enables the flexibility to service their customers in a way that suits their business. Through the mobile app, they enable visibility and transparency throughout the event including up to the minute tracking.


Robert Cervenka, Vice President of Client Services, joined us for a podcast on servicing fleets. He particularly enjoys the impact that his team’s work has on the individual drivers, taking a bad situation, like a roadside event, and turning it around. He shared with us how his team has upgraded their operations to better support their clients include full integration with Swoop.

For the full 511 podcast, click below.


At Agero, we are proud to support our client’s success through our products and services. Fleet Response has leveraged the innovative technology of Swoop to enable better visibility to their customers. We are thrilled to partner with them.

Enjoy the ride.



Meet the Author: Rameen Satar - Director of Client Services

Rameen Satar is the Director of Client Services for the Swoop Dispatch Management platform. His hard work, dedication and expertise have been critical to the explosive growth in the adoption of the Swoop platform. Prior to joining the Swoop team at Agero, Rameen worked in customer success roles at SaaS organizations including WalkMe, Zenefits and Expeditors. Rameen graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in International Business and Communications.

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