Hagerty Roadside Pilots Agero's New Platform

Agero Roadside Managed Service Powered by Swoop has earned rave reviews from none other than the Hagerty Drivers Club, the world’s largest community for automotive enthusiasts with more than 1.5 members.

Hagerty Roadside, an offering of Hagerty Drivers Club, piloted Swoop at this year’s legendary Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance.


“We were thrilled with the transparency of the Swoop experience,” said Eric Kurt, vice president of Hagerty Roadside.

Swoop’s digital experience, text notification and live event tracking were combined with a branded flatbed and truck safety net to ensure transparency and safe transport of the unique and valuable vehicles taking part in the tour. The customer experience exceeded expectations with regard to transparency, arrival time and vehicle care. Across the pilot, actual arrival time was 14 percent less than expected arrival time, surprising and delighting customers.


Hagerty is a sponsor and the official roadside provider of the Tour. It is a juxtaposition of amazing vehicles, beautiful landscapes and challenging terrain. A key component of the Tour is the Pacific Coast Highway drive. The stop-and-go traffic of the narrow, winding road can lead to overheating, particularly in pre-war vehicles, which are dependent upon air flow for cooling. 

A total of 17 vehicles were serviced during this year’s Tour. The vast majority were tows with one fuel delivery and one battery jump. The total insured value for the vehicles serviced was approximately $5 million, ranging from a 1904 Fiat and a 1930 Rolls Royce to a 1929 Stutz to a 1953 Bosley. The most valuable vehicle serviced was a 1930 Cadillac with an estimated value of $1.6 million.

Hagerty’s experience with Swoop is particularly noteworthy because of its long-standing reputation and status as the world’s leading supplier of specialty insurance to the enthusiast vehicle market. Likewise, Hagerty Roadside has built a powerful reputation with its high-quality emergency service and guaranteed flatbed towing.

Both Hagerty and Agero know that quality roadside assistance are especially important to classic and enthusiast vehicle owners because they are 75 percent more likely to require a tow from heating or cooling issues than daily-use vehicles. In addition, enthusiast vehicles experience brake issues three times more often than daily-use vehicles.



Meet the Author: Henry Stroup - Senior Director of Client Services

Henry Stroup is a member of the business development leadership team. Since joining Agero in 2012, he has leveraged his extensive experience with roadside assistance programs to drive desirable solutions, quality services, and efficient processes for Agero’s partners. Prior to joining Agero, Henry oversaw the strategic planning and contact center operations for a specialty roadside assistance network serving the classic car and recreational vehicle markets. Henry graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He is a former board member of the RVDA Education Foundation, RVIA Taskforce for Quality Excellence, and the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

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