How to engage with the right roadside customers at the right time

When a mechanical failure occurs, customers often require a tow and a repair to resolve the underlying issue. Our goal is to make this experience as seamless as possible. When customers are faced with an unexpected repair, they struggle to determine a tow location and with the unexpected cost. Through timely relevant offers, there is an opportunity to support customers, your dealers and your brand.


Scale of the Opportunity

All too often customers don’t know where to go for vehicle repair. In fact, more than 20% are uncertain of where to go when faced with an unexpected or first-time issue that requires an immediate tow,

This uncertainty only contributes to the stress of a roadside event. At Agero, our goal is to reduce these pain points with a smooth experience from start to finish. This begins with making it easy to request support, roadside assistance and supporting customers on the road to repair. A key piece of supporting the road to repair is timely contextual offers.


Connecting with the Customer

Contextual Offers: What customers want, when they want it

As a technology leader, we are always looking for opportunities to leverage new tools and capabilities to support our clients and their customers. Marketing is no exception. The industry has come a long way from the days of newspaper ad placements and direct mail campaigns. Even within the world of digital advertising, the landscape is quickly expanding beyond Google search ads.

Research shows that contextual ads that serve a consumer with an offer relevant to the article they are reading or the industry of the website they are on are the way of the future. In fact, contextual offers are shown to be 40% more effective than traditional advertising in driving brand recognition (PRWeek) and increase purchase intent by 63% (Clear Code). From a privacy compliance perspective, this is a great alternative to the more traditional targeting demographics like age, race, and gender to name a few. Additionally, contextual offers provide brands with an opportunity to connect with consumers in an organic way, by meeting them where they are with a relevant offer.


The Offer

Evidence that Coupons Work

Brand awareness alone is often not enough, we’ve found that coupons drive customer decisions. In fact, many customers site cost as the primary reason they were deterred from going to the dealer. Experts generally agree that if cost is the primary driver, independent shops, which can be less expensive, are solid choices. However, dealerships present customers with a reliable and high quality service that customers would prefer if they could afford it. Often dealer specials can make them ideal for regular maintenance needs. And deals bring people in: in a recent Agero pilot, we found that consumers who were offered a 15% discount for service were 3 times more likely to go to a dealer. 


We recently introduced our digital coupon program. This add-on to our roadside service delivers timely, relevant offers to customers in need of a tow. This enables them to choose branded locations at a more competitive rate and reduces the stress and uncertainty of a roadside event. In addition, by leveraging event related triggers, you can ensure that these discount offers are highly contextual, supporting customers with their repair in the moment.


Learn more about how you can leverage these capabilities to support your customers.


Meet the Author: Frank Klemovitch - Senior Director, Product Management

Frank Klemovitch is the Sr. Director of Product Management in the Dealer & Repair Line of Business at Agero. Frank has deep automotive industry experience and knowledge, with a tenure of over 21 years at Agero. He began his career as a software engineer before pursing an MBA at Boston College, after which he brought his technical and analytical skills to the operational side of the business. Today he is a passionate product management leader, focused on leveraging data and creative thinking to solve challenging business problems and deliver on superior customer service.


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