Skip The Line When You Need Roadside

With states loosening their quarantine rules, we are all so excited to get back to normal, using our cars to shop, work and visit more than we have these last few months.

As states begin to open back up many people are finding that their cars require service - maybe a dead battery from lack of use or a flat tire from sitting for weeks. All of those service requests coming at the same time make it hard for our operators to keep up, which leads to regrettably long wait times. Nobody wants to be sidetracked by an inoperable car.  And nobody wants to wait on hold for an operator to even start the process of asking for help.

But there are so many ways to avoid this and skip the line the next time you might need help!

There’s an App for That

Many insurers and car companies have a mobile app so that you can easily access a wide range of features including roadside. Requesting roadside through the app is easy. Typically, your policy and vehicle information are saved right in the app so that saves you the trouble of finding and re-entering that information. Also, the app can help you pinpoint your location using the GPS in your phone. Lastly, mobile apps make it easy for you to send your location information and for your roadside provider to send updates on your service including truck and service provider tracking.

Pro tip – check to see if your app is loaded on your phone now, all updates are done, and you can get in and out of the app ok. You may even want two apps – one for your insurance and one for your car warranty if it is a newer car.


Request Roadside Online with Our Web App 

Many roadside programs also have a link to request assistance directly from their website using our Web App. To see if your program is available, enter the toll free number here. These online tools allow you to enter all your details and skip the phone queue. You will be guided through your request where you can enter all the details needed.


Mobile Web

Did you know that when you call an 800 number, some companies can text you an on demand app?  It doesn’t require you to load anything onto your phone. You just click through the prompts of the text. It may seem strange the first time you use it, but just follow the easy directions and it will generally be easier and faster than speaking to a live operator.  Just like a web form, you skip the phone queue and easily enter all the details of your request but rest assured if you need additional help, our agent is just a click away.

Get faster roadside with Mobile Web, an on-demand web app

With all these digital options, your requests are entered and sent directly to the tow trucks and service providers so that help is on the way as soon as possible without ever needing to talk to an operator. Plus, we’ll keep you in loop every step of the way with provider details, text messages, and truck tracking.

We know that nobody plans for trouble with their car, but if you follow these tips for using apps and websites to start your request, you’ll skip the line and never have to wait on hold for an operator.

These are just some of the ways we have innovated at Agero to get you back on the road as quickly and hassle-free as possible.



Meet the Author: Beth Davidson - Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Beth brings over 20 years of consumer and customer marketing strategy experience. In her role, Beth oversees all of our go-to-market B2B2C activities, developing products and promoting them to clients to better serve end consumers across all lines of business. Prior to joining Agero, Beth worked on the biggest consumer and customer strategy challenges of Fortune 100 companies from Coca-Cola to Merck to Microsoft. She was equally based in Boston, London and Johannesburg giving her perspectives on different go-to-market strategies and B2B2C scenarios from around the globe. When not working, Beth can be found on a golf course where she serves on the board of the LPGA Amateurs and desperately tries to keep her handicap in the teens.

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