Agero Powered by Swoop: Enabling Transparency in Roadside

The challenge of delivering roadside support is the complexity and coordination involved in connecting the customer, the dispatcher, the provider and program sponsor. This team of individuals and businesses must come together for a given event. The more coordinated they are, the more efficient and effective the process, enabling a better customer experience. Orchestrating a disparate set of stakeholders to deliver a seamless experience under changing conditions is no small feat. It is critical that we have the right tool set to enable transparency, to field, service and review each roadside event.


Fielding the Event

When a customer calls and requests roadside assistance, the agent needs the tools to determine the vehicle location, coverage details, and any extenuating circumstances. Then these details need to be relayed to the service providers. The full details of the job, including equipment requirements, mileage and fees, allow the providers to make an informed decision bidding and accepting the job. The key to make this effective is ensuring that this information is visible in real time.

To achieve this, we need a vertically integrated technology architecture with the ability to support multiple roles, views and permissions on a massive scale across multiple platforms with critical robustness. To ensure robustness, we built on top of the AWS platform. We then carefully selected a combination of technologies to support web applications, mobile applications and 3rd party integrations. These technologies enable the unique combination of the stability and security with modern leading-edge capabilities. Lastly, to meet our transparency goals, we leveraged technology that enables us to house the business logic and critical features in a single code base, while supporting iOS, Android and web interfaces.

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Servicing the Event

Once the event has been dispatched, there are even more players who need real time visibility into the event. We needed to consider this complexity in our technical design and to consider the different channels that make sense for different users.

The critical component of providing transparency is providing it in a way that matches the needs and usage patterns of the user. We take this very seriously and continue to work with our clients and service providers to ensure feedback and rapid iteration cycles.


Transparency After Event

Following the event, the service provider has a clear record of the event, including pictures, signatures and an invoice. These details are loaded into their system so their entire team has visibility and no additional paperwork.  

For the program sponsor, they can log in and view the details of the event, including a detailed audit trail. They also can view high level metrics about their program. This helps the program sponsor and the roadside provider partner together effectively to ensure the best customer experience.  

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Transparency for Tomorrow

The right combination of technology architecture with a user-centric development approach allows us to create transparency up and down the value chain, ensuring that each teammate can play their role effectively, without duplication of effort. We also recognize that technology and user preferences are changing quickly. We continue to monitor current trends and your preferences.



Meet the Author: Paul Widden - Co-Founder & CTO, Swoop

Paul is the CTO and co-founder of Swoop, acquired by Agero in 2017. Originally from the UK, he is now based in San Francisco, where he oversees the architecture and execution of the Swoop platform. Prior to co-founding Swoop, he led engineering teams at both small startups and NASDAQ-listed companies. Paul holds a degree in software engineering from the University of Bath.

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