Industry Solutions: Improving Efficiency with Vehicle Transport

In the wake of COVID-19, a large percentage of car sales have moved online. In fact, our internal 2021 survey found that 40% of 2021 new and used car sales came from digital channels. This trend has increased the need for a transportation solution to finalize these digital sales at consumers’ preferred location similar to other touchless e-commerce transactions. Many dealerships and hubs, with limited staff and a finite service provider network, are currently ill-equipped to transport vehicles at scale and thus would benefit from outsourcing this effort.

When considering working with an external transport solution, dealers should focus on factors like usability, security, and network.



Drive efficiency and optimize your operations with a product that eliminates the need for time consuming tasks like answering phones or manually tracking jobs. Our robust enterprise wide systems reduce time, cost, and effort across transport management. Getting your team onboarded onto a new process can be challenging, which is why focusing on an easy-to-use tool is crucial. Usability starts with a thorough training that arms your team with the information they'll need to feel comfortable using a new system, as well as the space to ask questions and reach out for support. Equally important is a user-friendly experience and an intuitive product—a good training can only do so much if the product is overly complex. A best-in-class user interface goes beyond a seamless experience by also providing you with the transparency and control to track metrics across your business and ensure smooth operations.


How will you know if your team is finding your product easy to use? Simple, are they using it regularly or not? In a recent client survey for Agero’s Vehicle Transport, we found that over 80% of respondents used the platform daily and 90% felt confident in their ability to perform required tasks, such as creating a job.




Best-in-class Network

In addition to the tools for your team, vehicle transportation relies on service providers in the area. This means that another key component is the network—ensure you have the best network possible to feel confident in your efficiency. With over 50 years in the roadside business, these deep relationships are something we know a bit about. We hold our network to a high bar—each service provider is vetted through a series of background and quality checks. Pairing a strong network like ours with a responsive client success team ensures your organization is getting the most out of your service. At Agero we’ve even gone so far as to implement custom vehicle transport support integration to maintain a 24/7 response.


And the sentiment confirms this, we surveyed a representative sample of our Vehicle Transport clients in December 2021 and found that dealers who took advantage of Agero’s full suite of Transport offerings were very happy with the program, with a +80 NPS score across the group.

BlogImage_Cavana_Dealer_Sentiment_NPS_Mar2022_1200x628 (1)


With valuable assets like vehicles, it goes without saying that security is extremely important. Some of the best ways to feel confident in the security of your property during a transport is to have transparency into every step of the process along with required confirmation upon delivery. Loss Prevention is core to the Vehicle Transport product at Agero, with real time tracking and insights available through our dashboard, as well as required vehicle photos and delivery confirmation for every event. In fact, nearly 70% of our respondents called out our product transparency as one of their favorite features.


As you look to optimize your business for the digital future, prioritize a user friendly product that offers a secure service, and a strong network. Learn more about Agero’s Vehicle Transport product here for a solution that drives efficiency through all three of these important product features.


Meet the Author: Rob Hawkins - Senior Product Manager

Rob Hawkins is Sr. Product Manager on the Automotive Line of Business at Agero. Rob has spent his career driving innovation at the intersection of the technology, energy, and automotive industries. After five years helping an energy technology leader scale, he pursued his MBA at MIT Sloan with a focus on the future of mobility. After Sloan, Rob served as a consultant for PwC’s Automotive Strategy team, advising automotive suppliers and aftermarket leaders, before joining the team at Agero. Since joining Agero in 2019, Rob has been driving market research, strategic planning, and growth initiatives.


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