NewCo Event Fills Agero Auditorium

The title of the event was Using Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Data-Driven Intelligence to Innovate on a Massive Scale. Agero leaders showed and discussed the ways we’re using machine learning, predictive analytics, and data driven intelligence to innovate on a massive scale. I think it’s notable and important that they also highlighted the importance of, and their commitment to, creating an environment where smart and creative people can thrive.

After welcoming remarks by Chief Product and Marketing Officer Christine DeRosa outlining our company and its mission – including how Agero’s large scale uniquely positions us to turn petabyte-level data into commercial offerings – a series of engaging mini-presentations efficiently outlined and detailed Agero’s current thought leadership in our industry:

  • The Importance of Detecting and Responding to Vehicle Crashes in Real-Time, Luis Quiroga, VP, Product Strategy
  • Leveraging Large Scale Driving Data to Detect and Prevent Vehicle Crashes, Mike Bell, Senior Data Scientist
  • Building a Scalable Robust Crash Detection and Prevention Solution, Raj Behara, VP, Mobile Engineering
  • Preventing Crashes Through Self-Awareness, Catherine Slesnick, Manager, Data Science Engineering

Our Chief Digital Officer Bernie Gracy finished up the hour by remarking on the fact that Agero is solving cool problems with cool technology and doing work that helps people all day, every day. He then moderated a robust, wide-ranging and informal Q&A session that included thoughtful and timely questions – and answers – on everything from the future of machine learning to current debates over customer privacy issues.

It was a great way for local tech talent to learn how Agero is already leveraging cloud technologies to build a scalable, robust application like MileUp, an industry leading Automatic Crash Notification platform.

I was impressed by a number of things. One is that the presentations provided first-hand proof that working with A-level players is not just productive, but a lot of fun. The creative energy, vision and hustle of our teams is contagious and inspiring. That’s what it takes to turn an idea into an enterprise level win that makes driving safer for everyone.

To me, the poise and resilience of these teams seems fueled by the fact that they’re working on something real that helps people every day. I believe big challenges bring out the best in people, and that is certainly the case here.

In fact, many of the speakers are heading up teams largely formed only in the last 12 months. These leaders have inspired and led through their own efforts (versus just words) to rally their teams around this important work. They reflect our employee value proposition nicely – it’s clearly at the core of how they hire, inspire and define their impact to help the people they lead.

I’d like to thank all who attended and all who presented. Our industry-disruptive products, apps and offerings are central to Agero’s mission of safeguarding consumers on the road through a unique combination of platform intelligence and human powered solutions. And our NewCo event highlighted that beautifully.