Product Feature: On Demand App

At Agero, in order to best service millions of consumers every year, we spend a lot of time and research staying on top of consumer trends. Since 2014 we have seen the preference for self-service nearly triple. Recognizing this shift, our team has been hard at work developing new channels and enhancing existing channels in order to provide a better consumer experience.


Among the self-service channels, mobile app is the most requested. We have made significant investments in our mobile API so that our clients can deliver this experience through their branded native apps. We also started to explore how to deliver an app-like experience for clients who do not have an app, or for consumers who may have forgotten about the native app.

On Demand App

Our On Demand App is enabled through VIVR, Visual Interactive Voice Response. We introduced this channel on our roadside platform in 2018. It enables the consumer to seamlessly transition to an app-like experience from a phone call. Here are some of the key elements:

Omnihannel Experience: The omnichannel experience enables the consumer to begin with a phone call and seamlessly transition to VIVR. The consumer can also transition back to an agent with all the data captured, reducing frustration

Easy to Use: VIVR automatically detects if the consumer is using a mobile phone and sends a text link to seamlessly shift the consumer into a step by step digital experience.

Branded: Given the important role that roadside can play in building consumer loyalty, it is critical to reinforce your branding through the roadside experience.


Accurate Location Data: Through VIVR, vehicle location can be automatically detected, reducing the frustration and delay associated with inaccurate location information. Location accuracy is an enabler of 100% digital dispatching. Click here to see how it works.

Following launch, we carefully monitored whether consumers opted into this channel and their survey results. We were thrilled to see that approximately 72% of the consumers offered VIVR opted in. Not only are these customers able to access a digital workflow even though they started the process with a phone call, but their overall NPS is on average of 5 points higher than users of non-digital channels. In fact, we found that VIVR is bridging the gap between Agent and Mobile.


Our team is constantly looking for opportunities to further improve the usability and consumer experience. Here are some of the recent upgrades we’ve implemented:

Design Updates

Based on our user testing, we found opportunities to improve the problem type screen and make it more intuitive with the use of icons. We also found that simple design changes made it easier for consumers to set their location or request help from an agent as needed. Check out the latest designs.


We are also enhancing the platform to improve performance, enhance options available and enable more capabilities. We will continue to invest in this platform and look forward to sharing additional improvements in the future. Until then, enjoy the ride.

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Meet the Author: Mathieu Pirio - Product Manager

Mathieu Pirio is a key member of the Agero product organization. As a product manager, he oversees the design and development of omnichannel and automation efforts in order to improve the consumer’s roadside experience. He brings more than ten years of experience in product and program management to this role. Prior to Agero, Mathieu honed his skills at a Fortune Global 500 company, Orange, based in Lannion, France. Mathieu holds an engineering degree from IMT Atlantique.

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