Roadside Reinvented: How Agero has used technology, scale, and 50 years of experience to pioneer and reinvent the roadside industry

Pioneers for 50 years: Celebrating our unique combination of technology, scale, and experience in the roadside industry

Reliable, brand building roadside experiences are complicated. To do it right requires technology, scale, and experience - 50 years (and counting!) to be exact. As the white label roadside experts, we have what it takes to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ brands, putting them front and center to shine during the moments when their customers need them.

It all began in our Founder, Sid Wolk’s, living room in the early 1970s, with an idea to help provide peace of mind to drivers buying a new car brand. In 1972, Agero received licenses to operate and sell motor clubs in the Boston area, and Sid moved his operation from his living room to a small office in Somerville, MA. As the decades passed and our client book grew and diversified, we have grown to more than 150 client programs, protecting over 120 million motorists, and completing over 12 million roadside events a year. We are not stopping there.

We are pioneers in researching and testing to solve the nuanced challenges of roadside with focus on creating brand strengthening experiences for our clients with differentiated customer experiences, complete transparency for all stakeholders, and reliable service experiences. Our breadth of automotive and insurance clients coupled with our vehicle events, provide us with invaluable data that informs our product development and customer experience innovation, so we can continue leading the industry as we have done for the last 50 years.

Our Technology: We powered our technology transformation with the acquisition of Swoop. With the herculean task of migration in the rearview, we are driving forward

In 2018, we realized that our dispatching platform needed a serious upgrade if we were going to continue to innovate and provide a modern service experience. We knew that Swoop, a San Francisco based start-up, was something special. The Swoop team had built a dispatching platform with the service experience front and center - spending days and weeks shadowing Providers to intimately understand how to best build a vertically integrated dispatching solution. Fast forward to today, and we have successfully migrated our entire business to Swoop, our dynamic and intuitive dispatch platform, enabling: 

  • more automation, configurability, and greater transparency for our clients
  • more flexibility and event oversight for our agents 
  • seamless integrations and enhanced performance tools for our Service Provider Network

We have learned a lot through our migration to Swoop. In fact, we now have migration and implementation down to a science, enabling us to implement new programs with ease and speed to operate efficiently at scale.

We love that Swoop has the flexibility that allows us to quickly test, measure, adjust, and launch differentiated services and enhancements to support each of our client’s unique program needs. We are active partners with our clients on configuring the right programs that make them and their brands shine (we know roadside is not one size fits all).


Our Scale: Big data and machine learning help us ensure customers get an enhanced, modern roadside experience with better, faster service that makes our clients shine

Our scale is more than the number of our client programs or the number of motorists we serve on any given day. Each vehicle event provides us with invaluable data to inform our product development and determine program enhancements for our clients. We’ve built a diverse and flexible agent ecosystem coupled with a curated network of service providers that continues to expand and enhance our product and service capabilities. 

We continuously monitor service and performance in each metro feeding our machine learning algorithms to ensure we are selecting the right Provider for the job every time. We have the right software integrations that allow us to digitally dispatch 100% of jobs ensuring the accuracy of location and breakdown details. 

The size and strength of our network means we have coverage everywhere for every driver and every vehicle. We service 100% of US zip codes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Our Experience: We know what it means to be white label and our technology and scale inform us of what a modern, brand building experience looks like

We know white label roadside. We train our agents and design our products so our clients’ brands shine. Our services work behind the scenes, combining a deep understanding of our clients’ brands with the most sophisticated service delivery in the industry. The result is a roadside solution that enhances the customer experience while seamlessly integrating with our clients’ brands.

Our technology and scale inform us of what a modern, brand building customer experience looks like and we have leveraged this information to lead the industry with solutions to make owning a vehicle easier and more enjoyable. This is especially important as more and more drivers move to electric vehicles and demand a differentiated service experience.


Reinventing the roadside industry and delivering brand strengthening service with our technology, scale and experience

Technology, scale or experience alone is not enough to deliver and win in the complex roadside industry. Our industry peers are either too traditional and haven't updated their technology or are too modern and lack the scale and experience needed to continuously innovate and provide stable, reliable support.

Agero is the only provider with the technology, scale and experience needed to deliver the very best customer experience, providing complete transparency and visibility for all stakeholders. We’ve gone from an idea born in Sid’s living room to help increase vehicle sales to a proven leader and pioneer in the vehicle safety services industry, continuously evolving and enhancing our services and pushing customer experience solutions into the future. As Sid always says, “the best is yet to come.” Learn more and drive forward with us!


Meet the Author: Monica Bouchard - Senior Manager, Client Engagement Marketing

Monica is the Senior Manager of Client Engagement Marketing focusing on Agero's automotive line of business to create stronger brand affinity for our clients and to improve and enhance the customer experience with roadside. She is a graduate of Bentley University and has over 20 years of marketing, brand and product experience. Monica is based in the Boston area. In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities including running, water skiing and snow skiing. Her creative side loves to paint and tackle home improvement projects.


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