The Keys to Success from a Top Woman in PR

On Friday, January 25th, I had the pleasure and honor of celebrating the achievements of my communication peers at the PR News’ 2019 Top Women in PR honoree luncheon in New York City. Held to recognize the bold women who are making an impact in the fields of PR and marketing, the day’s events spanned a brief history of public relations and the many women who made significant contributions in the industry’s early years, a keynote on knowing your value and learning through laughter from U.S. Marine Corps Major Justine Davie, and a lively – and thoughtful – awards presentation.



As part of the event, each honoree was asked to reflect on her past, sharing with the audience of aspiring PR pros her advice for finding success. The advice I had the pleasure to deliver to the audience was:

Seek out and surround yourself with those that possess a different set of skills and opinions. Through this, you will increase your breadth of knowledge, and discover and better appreciate what you, and you alone, bring to the table. You will also broaden your support system, and to succeed in anything you need people you can lean on, learn from, and laugh with.

Over the past 15 years of my professional career, I’ve learned so much from everyone I’ve worked with – from direct reports and peers to leadership and clients to partners. In particular, in these last 10 years at Agero, the people, the opportunities and the challenges have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. And, as part of the hard-working, driven and mission-focused team at Agero, I have been lucky enough to find my work meaningful and gratifying – every day.

Let’s all strive to seek a diversity of opinions, grow our support system, and offer support to those around us.


For more advice from the multi-talented women present at the luncheon last month, I recommend reading PR News SVP and Group Publisher Diane Schwartz’s fantastic post.



Meet the Author: Jeannine Booton - VP, Corporate Marketing

As Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Jeannine is responsible for driving Agero’s corporate marketing and communications strategy, working collaboratively across the business to evangelize Agero’s brand, positioning the company for short- and long-term success, and generating broad awareness of Agero’s mission, products & services, and value for all stakeholders. She is a key part of Agero’s COVID-19 taskforce, helping to shape the organization's ongoing response to the global pandemic. Jeannine has a BS in Communication Studies from Northeastern University and an MA in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College. In her spare time she can be found experimenting in the kitchen, building Lego sets with her young son, and dreaming of her first post-COVID vacation.


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