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The health and strength of our network of independent service providers are vital to our ability to quickly and safely take care of your customers. Today our network is stronger and more agile than ever before, with more than 99% of our jobs completed by in-network providers, across 100% of U.S. zip codes. 

With over 12 million annual dispatches across more than 100 programs, representing the largest brands in the insurance, auto, and transportation industries, along with 24/7 access to the best support tools in the business, Agero is the clear network of choice for quality service providers. Our independent network of service providers is actively recruited, managed, and supported to ensure the best, most qualified provider for each job. With specialized network types including light, medium, and heavy duty providers, mobile mechanics, and accident specialists, our network scale and capabilities are unmatched.

Continuous platform enhancements and the power of AI create more efficient service provider experiences and faster service for your customers.

The robustness of our Swoop platform allows us to deliver outcome driven programs that meet the demands of your brand and your customers, while supporting our service providers. Our AI powered, digital solution is continuously improving with data from every one of our 12 million annual events, as well as our continuous investment (both financial and talent) in our platform. In fact, last year over 85% of our dispatches were auto-assigned, and that number continues to trend upward. From the ability to provide different rates for different services, to vehicle model instructions, to ease of billing and payments twice a week, to enhanced event details, and so much more, providers have the right information immediately to accept jobs quickly and assign the right driver and equipment. This results in dispatching the right provider the first time, for faster, more reliable, and brand building service experiences, while helping our providers enhance efficiency and utilize their fleets more effectively.

Data gathered from those 12 million annual events educate the development of platform enhancements, further the growth of AI and power predictive modeling in preparing for roadside demand. From severe weather events, to busy travel seasons, and everything in between - when roadside volume spikes, the robustness of our platform and the agility and strength of our network are key in meeting volume demands.

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In addition to the right technology and data intelligence, a strong network needs to be engaged, trained, and supported.

We make a point to capture ongoing feedback from the providers in our network through quarterly surveys, focus groups, webinars, and industry events, in addition to our team of dedicated Performance Managers and support specialists interacting with our network daily. Just as important, we prioritize implementing feedback collected, enhancing and simplifying our processes and communication to consistently improve our relationships with our network. Our goal is to be the easiest, most reliable motor club to work with. 

This feedback is invaluable in helping to ensure our in-network providers prioritize our jobs, resulting in faster service for your customers and more volume and business growth for our providers. We have strategically designed our service provider engagement strategies to ensure our providers feel valued, informed, and understand the benefits of working with us. We have ongoing initiatives that focus on training, performance, and loyalty with:

  • Blueprint just in time training: Web-based content to educate providers on model specific vehicles, including EVs, available for all, whether you are in our network or not. We aim to reduce risk and ensure optimal vehicle care with high-quality, easy to follow instructions. For providers in our network, a direct link to vehicle-specific content is sent at the time of dispatch through Swoop, getting the right information to the provider when they need it most.
  • Software integrations: With our ability to fully integrate with existing third party dispatch software, service providers can easily run all of their business volume on the software that best fits their business. They have navigation, training, and communication tools no matter what software they prefer. 
  • Easy and comprehensive self service tools: Swoop enables service providers to easily manage all aspects of their business with us. Providers can view job performance data, billing information and access self-help and troubleshooting content and FAQs. We have numerous training articles and videos on processes, requirements and more.
  • Summer Hustle incentive program: In an effort to increase towing performance and provider engagement during the busiest volume months, we launched the Agero Summer Hustle, a 12-week summer incentive program for Agero’s in-network towers. Initially launched in June of 2021, we’ve run this program every year since. Each week, top performers are eligible to win cash prizes and are celebrated via social media for their performance.
  • Agero Plus loyalty program: We are currently piloting a service provider loyalty program, Agero Plus, that offers bonuses for accepting and completing an increasing number of jobs each week. Pilot members have an opportunity to provide feedback on everything from our program communication, benefits offered, and performance goals. The program is aimed at helping our providers grow their business and reward them for taking our calls, completing jobs on time, and delivering excellent customer service.
  • Peer to peer sharing campaigns: There’s a breadth of industry knowledge and experience amongst the service providers in our network. We are launching a new engagement initiative to give providers a platform to both celebrate the work they do every day and to share best practices, tips and tricks.

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Managing a diverse, independent network of service providers requires a dedicated, specialized management team.

The right people and the right support matter. We support our provider network on and off the job with live chat and phone lines, self service tools, and perhaps most importantly with dedicated support teams, including:

  • Our Network Management Team is dedicated to supporting provider growth and further improving our network capacity by managing provider recruitment, onboarding and performance. 
  • Our Risk and Incident Management Teams resolve damage claims, monitor state regulations and terms and conditions adherence, and ensure compliance of Certificate of Insurance and driver background checks.
  • Our Market Engagement Team focuses on building provider relationships and works in partnership with providers in targeted metros where we can make a positive impact and improve performance. They are focused on increasing Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Call Acceptance, while reducing Actual Time of Arrival (ATA). Our Marketing Engagement Team and the relationships they build are an integral part of our overall network management and health.
  • Our Provider Advocate Group assists with day-to-day account support and technical questions.
  • Our Network Marketing Team proactively communicates with and engages our in-network service providers via monthly newsletters, email updates, contests, and much more.

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Our support of service providers extends beyond our network to the broader service provider industry.

Agero understands the sacrifices service providers make every day to ensure the safety of others on the road. In addition to supporting and engaging our providers and investing in our network, we are proud to support the broader service provider industry with our participation in industry events and tow shows, and by creating Blueprint content accessible for all service providers both in and out of our network. In support of the industry and in honor of our clients, we make an annual donation to the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum’s Survivor Fund that provides immediate assistance to the families of approximately 60 towing operators who lose their lives in the line of service each year.

Hear what service providers are saying about being a part of our network. We couldn’t have said it better!

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Meet the Author: Monica Bouchard - Senior Manager, Client Engagement Marketing

Monica is the Senior Manager of Client Engagement Marketing focusing on Agero's automotive line of business to create stronger brand affinity for our clients and to improve and enhance the customer experience with roadside. She is a graduate of Bentley University and has over 20 years of marketing, brand and product experience. Monica is based in the Boston area. In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities including running, water skiing and snow skiing. Her creative side loves to paint and tackle home improvement projects.


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