Introducing an outcome-driven approach to roadside services

This post was a collaboration between Chetan Ghai – Business Leader, Insurance Roadside & Cathy Orrico – Chief Client Officer

Roadside is a complex business, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With this guiding principle in mind, we are excited to announce a new era of roadside solutions designed around outcomes, and built on decades of industry leadership, expertise, and experience.

Introducing Agero’s new outcome-based roadside packages.

Delivering the Results that Matter to You

One size roadside does not fit all. We know all too well that each roadside program does not operate with the same business goal in mind. By curating our roadside solutions into three differentiated service tiers, we aim to simplify roadside management and align with our clients around distinct business objectives. The intent is to use our expertise to empower and support you, while delivering on the results that matter most to your brand:

  • Our Standard tier offers unmatched value. This turnkey package uses the automation capabilities of our industry-leading platform technology and the unmatched scale and quality of our curated service provider network to deliver effortless 24/7 roadside support to every zip code. Organizations that are standing up new programs may want to start their roadside journey here.

  • Our Premium tier delivers exceptional service to drive customer loyalty. This preset package blends cutting-edge technology and award-winning customer care to enhance the connection between your customers and your brand. This option is designed for clients looking to deliver an elevated customer experience.

  • Our Premium+ tier is designed to deliver true brand differentiation through state-of-the-art service offerings. This configurable package builds on the Premium tier, unleashing a rich set of add-on features and services to help iconic brands separate from the pack. Our peak tier is for those organizations that seek best-in-class roadside services.


Helping Your Customers, Powering Your Brand

In each of the millions of roadside events we support, for every one of our clients, there is a customer who needs help getting back on the road, quickly and safely. We are here to help you deliver on those hero moments.

When we assist your customers through an unexpected vehicle challenge, we’re reinforcing the value of your brand with your customers. Exceptional service throughout these events is how we generate millions of brand promoters each year. Those brand promoters correlate to key business objectives like customer retention, customer lifetime value, and organic customer growth.

However, successfully resolving roadside events is just the beginning: there are myriad follow-up opportunities to engage the customer, to strengthen relationships, deliver additional value, and enhance their experience with your brand.


Building Trust and Strengthening Relationships

We see in roadside countless opportunities to help you strengthen relationships between you and your customers. With our new outcome-based offerings, we can quickly and easily align on outcomes that will engage your customers in a way that meets your business needs. Then, our team gets to work, harnessing the full capabilities of our best-in-industry platform, network, expertise, data intelligence, customer care team, solutions and scale to your benefit. As always, we will provide the data-driven insights and crystal-clear event transparency you need to build and execute impactful customer engagement strategies.


Through whatever bumps in the road we might encounter, our unwavering objective is to make your brand the hero to your customers, whenever and wherever they need help with their vehicles, while delivering against the value that you expect from North America’s leading roadside partner.

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Meet the Author: Chetan Ghai - Chief Commercial Officer, Insurance

Chetan is charting a path for continued growth within our Insurance Roadside and Accident lines of business, creating an organizational structure that empowers his team in service to our clients and their customers. Working closely with Agero’s product, marketing, client solutions and operations groups, Chetan focuses his team on driving innovation to develop and deliver exceptional digital roadside assistance and accident support experiences for consumers, identifying opportunities to grow and strengthen policyholder loyalty and engagement

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