Infographic: Roadside Insights - Exploring Trends and Attitudes


Every year, Agero conducts a benchmark study to learn more about the evolving roadside landscape. We surveyed over 2,500 drivers to get a pulse not only on event predictors, type, and frequency--but also what drivers think and feel about roadside coverage. 

At Agero, roadside assistance isn't merely a part of our operations; it's our deep-seated commitment. Given the staggering number of over 240 million drivers navigating America's roads in 2023 alone, and with this figure steadily rising each year, we recognize the criticality of not just offering prompt aid to drivers in distress, but also delving into the ever-changing roadside landscape to enhance our support for both clients and their clientele.

To achieve this, Agero annually undertakes comprehensive research. In our 2023 benchmark study, we engaged with over 2,500 drivers to delve into the intricacies of roadside incidents – encompassing their frequency, nature, and resolution. The findings reveal that roadside incidents are more prevalent than commonly perceived, particularly concerning electric vehicles, and that drivers' misunderstandings about roadside coverage present an obstacle to usage and adoption.

The infographic below highlights the study's key takeaways. 




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Meet the Author: Christine Nguyen - Marketing Communications Specialist

Christine is a Marketing Communications Specialist for the automotive and insurance line of business. She focuses on developing content that spreads brand awareness to consumers and strengthens client relationships regarding the value of roadside. Christine has a Master’s Degree in English from California State University, Fullerton and has over 10 years’ experience in content marketing. She is based in California and enjoys camping, traveling, and raising two tiny humans with her husband.


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