Struggling To Hire? Try Changing the Way You Recruit


We are in an unfamiliar job market. There's an all-time high of open roles, but finding qualified individuals to fill them is harder than ever. While there's no silver bullet or quick fix, there are several actions you can take today that will make a difference in your recruiting efforts.

Every Name, number and email is a lead

If you've hired before, you might still have names and contact info for prior applicants. Try not to make assumptions about these individuals. Maybe the job they took didn’t work out. Perhaps their skills have improved since you last spoke with them. They might even be interested today, but aren't sure how to reach out again. Make it easy, and take that first step. Candidates are flattered when a place they've interviewed with before comes calling again. Take a look back through previous applicants and give them a shot.


implement thoughtful and personalized outreach

Job descriptions are important, but only one part of what a candidate wants to know. There are three questions to ask yourself when reaching out to a potential candidate:

  1. Why you are contacting them? (e.g. great background, solid references)
  2. What makes your company unique? (e.g. owner-operated, 20 years in business, safety record)
  3. What will the candidate receive as an employee? (e.g. fair pay, flexible hours)

Lastly, email and texting are convenient, but you can go the extra mile by offering to schedule a phone or Zoom call to share more details about your business and the job.


Set people up for success

Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. Be up-front about pay, training, schedule, company culture, and merit-based incentives. Be honest, consistent, and direct. Share relevant information early and often. You should aim to set the tone early on that you want them to be a happy and loyal employee.


Prioritize consistent messaging over a Complicated advertising campaign

A successful social media recruitment campaign just takes a few hours to update your accounts and consistent messaging to take full advantage of all the free accounts you can.

Ask yourself: Are your company description, logo and images, and job descriptions the same across platforms? Have you included contact info in case a candidate has a question? These details matter.

Lastly, try to post frequently with a link to your open position. You can also share the position to industry groups or clubs where you think potential candidates frequent.


Networking is everything

Have a good friend who owns a body shop and comes in contact with a lot of drivers? Make sure they know you have an open job. Maybe your kids' little league coach is a police officer and interacts with a lot of tow drivers. Share that you're hiring. Does your church have a group that welcomes presenters? Attend a session and bring some donuts. The list goes on.

The bottom line is you have a network of connections who are willing to help, but it's up to you to tell them how. Reach out, connect, and share.


Meet the Author: David Muller - VP, Talent Acquisition

David Muller Head of Talent Acquisition Dave is responsible for delivering best-in-breed talent in support of Agero’s digitalization. In this role, he is responsible for building and executing talent strategies, and for advocating for Agero as an emerging Best Place to Work. Prior to joining Agero, Dave held a variety of talent roles in the Boston area. He served as Head of Talent Acquisition and Employee Integration for dataxu, a VC backed AdTech firm, where he was responsible for global recruiting. Prior to dataxu, he served as Head of Global Talent for Rapid7, a publicly traded security data and analytics firm based in Boston. During his tenure at both firms, they were awarded numerous Best Place to Work awards. Dave spent the first 13 years of his career at Fidelity Investments, where he held a wide variety of business, recruiting and leadership roles in Boston, Dallas, and New York City. He is a graduate of Brandeis University.


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