Roadside Builds Consumer Loyalty - But Don't Take Our Word for It

Based on consumer research we have found that consumers who use sponsored roadside support have a great affinity to their roadside provider. In fact, this can have a dramatic impact on NPS even for consumers who don’t take advantage of the benefit.

Recently, The Points Guy’s Megan Hunter wrote about her experience using her credit card’s roadside assistance.

“You’ll be happy to know the entire experience, from start to finish, couldn’t have been more effortless. All told it took an hour to get my car up and running again.”


Here are some of the best practices highlighted in this review:

1. Stay top of mind and clear on coverage

From our consumer research we have found that more than 25% of consumers miss an opportunity to use their roadside coverage because they simply forgot. But we also know that ensuring the consumer has a good understanding of their coverage also greatly impacts their experience.

2. Digital experience = Better experience

Megan leveraged the digital tools associated with her roadside program. She used location tracking to ensure that all the correct details were captured. The text updates and truck tracking provided her with confidence that help was on the way.

3. Transparency

The step by step status helped Megan understand where her request was and what she could expect. This helps reinforce how impactful transparency is to the roadside experience.

“I’ll certainly be adding this to the long list of reasons why I love my Chase Sapphire Reserve.”

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Meet the Author: Elliot Gordon - Product Marketing Manager

Elliot Gordon is a key member of Agero's marketing team. As Product Marketing Manager, he helps clients learn about new and existing products and features, and conducts market intelligence and consumer research to help clients get the most out of their roadside programs. Prior to Agero he held roles in marketing, market research, and product management in a variety of different industries. Elliot holds an MBA from Boston University and received his B.A. from University of Pennsylvania.

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