The Wolk Family & Dave Ferrick

Sidney D. Wolk is Chairman and CEO of The Cross Country Group (CCG). Sid is active in a number of philanthropies and has served on several non-profit boards. He lives in Boston with his wife Deanna. Howard L. Wolk is Co-President of The Cross Country Group (CCG). Howard is an active member of non-profit and social entrepreneurship organizations, including founder of the Boston Bridges Initiative. He is also the co-author of Launchpad Republic: America’s Entrepreneurial Edge and Why It Matters (Aug. 2022, Wiley). Jeffrey C. Wolk is Co-President of The Cross Country Group (CCG). Jeff is also founder and chairman of Madavor Media, a Boston-based specialty consumer publisher. He serves on the boards and committees of a number of not-for-profit and political organizations. Dave Ferrick is CEO of Agero, and oversees business development and operational strategies for Agero’s growing global portfolio of roadside, accident management and telematics offerings.